Roofing Service

Maintain the beauty and integrity of your roof

Using high water pressure on your roof can actually be bad for the structure. That's why we use a different technique for roof washing. We use lower water pressure aka Soft Wash and special solutions to break up the green & black algae on top of your roof.

Our solution will not only clean and renew the roof but it cleanses the shingles and helps prevent them from drying out over time. Our all-inclusive soft washing services prioritize both function and form. Our services will drastically improve your building’s appearance while also increasing its lifespan, saving energy, and killing harmful bacteria.

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Say Goodbye to Algae on Your Roof

When algae builds up on your roof, it's not just unpleasant to look at. It can cause your roof to deteriorate and develop holes. Leonard’s Pressure Cleaning has the answer. We can use soft washing to rinse the algae off your roof without damaging the roofing material beneath.

Soft washing roof:

➤ Prevents further algae and mold growth

➤ Boosts your curb appeal

➤ Maintains the value of your home

➤Keeps your roof sturdy and functional

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